I’m Oscar Carrascosa, when I was a child the only thing that I wanted, as all kids, was to follow around my older brother. So with only 11 years I begged my father for a camera and after months of insistence, I obtained it! A Práktica MTL.
From that moment I devoted myself to follow my brother doing photos the whole time, this took me to a new world of sensations in that every new discovery supposed an advance for my future career, an advance that I itself was not knowing.
For many years I dedicated myself to spend movie and to reveal in black and white, learning to control the light, the filters, the times in a special form.
I fall for the analogical photography but a new way was opened by the digital photography I did not believe the quantity of possibilities that they were born! This way began a new stage for me, a professional stage.
In any professional career there are moments that change your life. One of the moments that changed mine, and that did that my career take off, was in 2004 when I had the honor of photographing the presentation of the Red Bull car for the Dakar 2005.
From this moment I have not stopped growing as photographer and today I work with the best brands of sports of the world: Red Bull, Nike, BWIN, Volkswagen… In addition I share this passion with my twin brother Jose Luis and with him I teach classes of photography. At my 41 years I feel lucky for have lived so much thanks to my camera.

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